CCIE water cooler gossip: Will Cisco announce buying CCIE trainer Internetwork Expert tomorrow?

Major Corporate Announcement from Internetwork Expert Co-Founders
Internetwork Expert co-founders Brian Dennis and Brian McGahan are preparing to make a "major corporate announcement" in a live Webcast scheduled for tomorrow at 11 a.m. (PDT). I know I'm putting myself out on a limb here, but I believe the announcement is going to be that Cisco is buying IE and here's why: The Cisco 360 Learning Program claims that a major benefit of the program is expert-level mentoring and training from the IT industry’s elite CCSI instructors. Who at Cisco has expertise identifying and selecting "elite" instructors? Internetwork Expert has an all-star lineup of "elite" instructors who would not only be invaluable to Cisco teaching but also identifying and selecting additional instructors. The benefit to Internetwork Expert? Cisco's deep pockets and the ability to focus solely on teaching and developing course material while leaving the "business side" to Cisco. What the Cisco 360 Learning Program Includes:
Cisco 360 Learning Program Diagram
Furthermore, the founder of CCIE training provider IPexpert - Wayne Lawson, pointed out a major problem for the Cisco 360 Learning Program in his blog story yesterday:
"How up-to-date will the 360 materials be maintained? If they are able to keep innovating and improving the offering, who will do it and how will all these cookie-cutter entities get trained up on the changes and understand what the instructor that made the changes had in mind? Will past students automatically get access to revisions? How?"

Buying Internetwork Expert will help solve that major problem for the Cisco 360 Learning Program nicely. Related stories: CCIE water cooler gossip: CCIE lab training scholarships available CCIE water cooler gossip: Tolly's review of IPexpert vs. Internetwork Expert CCIE labs View more CCIE water cooler gossip.

Do you agree with yours truly that Cisco will announce buying CCIE trainer Internetwork Expert tomorrow?

Brad Reese
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