Cross-platform tools revisited

Back in August, I reviewed 12 cross-platform tools and because that post has continued to get such an overwhelmingly great response, I thought it was time to look at a few more cross-platform tools for the enterprise. So here are two more tools to help you bridge the gap in your heterogeneous environment, dotReader and DAVE.

dotReader20 open source tools post in June. I passed it up in those previous lists because at the time I looked at it as being simply an e-book reader. On a second examination, I find that it really much more. dotReader has the ability to read just about any document format either natively or through a downloadable plug-in.

This tool has the dual advantage of being both cross-platform and open source. In fact I almost included it in my list of

Another option is to use the program as an intuitive and inexpensive document management system. Since dotReader can read remote libraries and document locations, organizations can turn that messy file server into an organized document library with full search capabilities. With discussion groups, annotation and forum capabilities, you can also use dotReader for collaboration and workflow. Of course there are expensive and feature-rich document management systems out there, but in today’s market where IT budgets are shrinking by the minute, dotReader can be a lifesaver for your environment. You can download dotReader at


Sharing files and printers in a cross platform world can sometimes be daunting. DAVE is one of those tools that helps to bridge the gap. DAVE provides full support for Distributed File System (DFS) and Server Message Block (SMB). Sharing file folders bi-directionally allows you flexibility on either side of the platform. DAVE also supports multiple Windows and MAC operating system versions. Plus it not only supports file sharing but printer sharing support as well. DAVE also has support for NTLMv2, Kerberos and NTLMSSP, making it a secure solution for your environment. Give DAVE a try. It is a cool way to ease the pain of file and print sharing in a Windows/MAC environment. You can download an evaluation of DAVE at

Honorable mentions

Readers have sent me a lot of feedback and suggestions about other cross-platforms that I didn't include in my original list of 12 -- many naming some very popular products. The reason I didn't include those products was because I didn't feel the need to create a list of tools that most of us already know about and use. I like to dig deeper and introduce products that may not have made it onto your radar. But, by way of a thank you to all the readers who wrote to me, I will hereby acknowledge the cross-platform tools that most of us know and already love:

Firefox, Thunderbird, Eudora, Apache, MySQL, Skype and Adobe Photoshop. There are certainly more that deserve to be named as well. . All these tools help to make our world…. A Better Windows (Linux & MAC) world!

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