Cisco collaboration: Could it all just be bunk?

Cisco Collaboration
Cisco loves to pontificate about collaboration, however, could it all just be bunk? Last week Network World readers learned that a former Cisco reseller was awarded more than $6 million in damages in a cross-lawsuit trial against Cisco. Perhaps most telling of Cisco's collaboration prowess, Judge Gregory H. Lewis of the California Superior Court ruled that certain provisions of the Cisco reseller agreement were "unconscionable." Also last week, we learned that Cisco's launch of its 360 training program for CCIEs divided the market into Cisco-authorized training and independents (i.e. grey market/unauthorized training providers). For fiscal 2008, Cisco averaged $458K in net income per CCIE.

According to CCIE trainer - Internetwork Expert (IE), the Cisco 360 Learning Program would require IE to become a Cisco Learning Partner (CLP). And as a CLP, IE would not be permitted by Cisco to sell or market outside North America, even though almost 50% of IE customers reside outside North America. Since 100% of CCIE growth was outside the USA in August, how "fair" is it for Cisco to restrict IE to selling and marketing only in North America? Is that Cisco's idea of innovative collaboration? Additionally during the month of October, 73% of CCIE growth occurred outside North America. Is Cisco trying to hand over the future of CCIE training to overseas firms? Interestingly, IE competitor IPexpert blogged last week about their concerns regarding the 360 Program and why they chose to remain independent (i.e. a grey market/unauthorized training provider). View the official response from Cisco.

Why do you think Cisco sought to restrict IE to selling and marketing only in North America? Is it possible that Cisco collaboration is just bunk?

Brad Reese
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