Help! Someone Just Stole My Laptop!

This has been an interesting week. Sometimes you just have to deliver the bad news to folks. I try the old; "Don't shoot the messenger" routine and although no shots are fired, folks sure want to throw down sometimes. Especially if it relates to a field like computing that folks think if I know how to config route reflectors for BGP peers then, I should be able to do work miracles like Mr. Scott can repair a warp drive with three paper clips, a folding chair and a half eaten po-boy sandwich. Can I get a witness!! Two of my more goober friends lost their laptops this week. One left their laptop in a cab in NYC and the other had theirs ripped off from a open t-top in their Camaro while he was getting his mullet trimmed. Both called and wanted to know a couple things; Can I erase the data or can I recover the laptop. They did not like my answer or Star Trek for that matter... It got me to thinking about laptop recovery and data destruction. To do recovery or destruction I need two pieces; the client installed silently on the laptop and a server side piece stored on a server somewhere on the Internet to active when the laptop is missing. I am a huge a Mac fan. I love the config options I have with it. I have wrote a few scripts to take random pictures with my iSight camera remotely, but I read a great script at this script takes a picture of the person sitting behind the keyboard. It is simple and works great. There are also a couple of commercial grade products that do this and beyond. Undercover by Orbicule and BackStopp by BackStopp Undercover is a Mac only piece of code that cost about 50 bucks and worth every penny. Macs are hot right now on the stolen market. Thieves can normally get x2 verses a PC. Undercover will not only take pictures of who is using your Mac but also grab screen shots often to help ID the thief, but also induce fake hardware failures to get the thief to take it to a Apple store or sell it. They offer a finders fee to return the Mac and it works at low levels so the machine can not even be reformatted. This is coded VERY well. It has a small footprint, does not send out network beacons (unless there is a change) and uses very little memory. I use this on my Mac and I love it! BackStopp is a industrial strength data deletion program for Windows devices. It works similar to Undercover in that it takes a picture if there is a camera in the lid. But it also can delete and destroy your data beyond recoverable means. BackStopp uses file deletion patterns detailed in the US DoD’s National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (US DoD 5220-22.M), ensuring data can not be retrieved. The cool thing about BackStopp is that it will use GSM, RFID, Wireless, hardline to get to issue a destruct command. Matter of fact, it can actually use RFID to detect a device moving into a unauthorized zone and zero out the data. This is great for prototyping labs or laptops that store classified information. Both solutions are hosted and work very well. Once you notice your laptop is gone, call the service and they take care of the rest. Data theft is a big business and we certainly do not want to see our company/customers make the negative headlines as the next target. Bottom line is; I use Undercover for my Macs and BackStopp for my PCs. Worth every penny and I just bet Mr. Scott would have said, "How many times da I have to tell ya...the right tool for the right job!" Redshirt any thief out there today with these two awesome tools. Jimmy ray

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