Best of Windows Mobile 6: Touch Commander

The Windows Mobile 6 operating system is getting to be a bit long in the tooth. I suspect the Windows Vista OS upgrade was named Windows 7 so it can match up with a new phone OS, Windows Mobile 7, some time in '09 (just a guess.) New phone user interfaces offered by the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm have changed the game for Smartphone users, but Windows Mobile 6 phone users don't have to fret quite yet. The iPhone may be the hottest thing since sliced bread but there are still tons of WM6 Pro SmartPhones in use with IT and everyday phone users. I still use my Samsung i760 with its handy-dandy slide-out keyboard and full WM6 Pro operating system. At times WM6 can try a little too hard to act like a laptop but handy apps like Touch Commander bring some of the best iPhone and Storm touch features to your WM6 Today home screen.

The combination of the i760's touch screen interface and Touch Commander software offer an iPhone-like experience for getting status of messages and notifications, and navigating to weather, applications and the media player. Touch Commander is very easy to install and configure. Configuring is a matter of assigning buttons to apps on the launcher page, and setting your country and city for the weather page. I also had to decide what existing items to drop from my Today screen.

Thanks to the rough economy, getting a new iPhone of Blackbery Storm may not be an option for a while, so if you find yourself in that situation then check out Touch Commander. I found it on PocketGear for $14.95. You can trial the software for free.

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