There are deals to be had with SMB partners, this is a great time to buy if you can.

The economy in a toilet and large VAR's laying off sales and engineers, the SMB partners are doing much better but why?  We have been seeing many large VAR's that sell many different vendors laying off staff as they are not selling product, this is good for SMB partners and even better for customers. I know that did not sound good but what we are seeing is that customer are getting better pricing now from vendors on goods since they want to sell and the SMB partners are showing more value for the dollar. They are not laying staff off like larger partners; this is good for customer as they can see the same face.

Vendors are giving great pricing and the same pricing that large partners get are being given to the SMB partners. This is due to the fact that they are bringing in business. Another great point for customer to think about, SMB partner charge less for services than large partners and will give you more for less. This is a great time for customers to buy, deals are out there to be had and they should look at SMB partners for pricing.

We have had many customers call and ask about pricing on different products, they are seeing value in WAN Acceleration and Bandwidth Reduction as they can get an ROI of around 7 month. Also we are seeing many companies looking at Cisco VoIP with the UC520 for SMB customers. Cisco is offering zero percent financing for 3 years on the systems. This is a great deal for SMB companies who are looking to get a deal. They can also add on remote workers, wireless, video and now security video to the UC520 for a better ROI.

We are seeing many vendors offering even an additional 10% to 20% off products to get them to move, that works well into an ROI.  So if you have the money or have been thinking about buying now, contact a SMB partner. There are deals to be had and zero percent financing is a great deal.

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