The ASR 9000 has arrived

What can sustain the flow of 20 Niagara Falls per second if each drop of water was a bit? What can save  the carbon equivalent of 88 tons

of coal, 164 transpacific passenger flights or 16 around-the-world car trips per year? What is designed to handle the download of 125 billion DVD movies each month? Why it's the ASR 9000, that's what. And it's here, finally, after much tittering over the clever lead-up ad campaign. It's a 6.4Tbps systems designed for wireline and mobile video content delivery to millions of business and residential subscribers. It'll go up against Juniper's MX960, ALU's 7750 and Ericsson/Redback's SmartEdge, and in time succeed Cisco's own 7600 series router.  Read all about it.

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