Attachmore: Large file transfer tool helps you, Attach more!

There are not many occasions when you need to send a very large file. But just try it and you will be surprised at the results. Your Exchange Server administrator may want to have a word with you also. Sometimes the time frame of a project does not allow you the luxury of burning the item to CD/DVD. And many organizations would rather not open up FTP file transfer to outside vendors, clients or whoever! I had one occasion where we had a third party consultant who was reviewing some new auditing procedures. We used a paperless audit system so the manager decided to zip the client file and email it to the consultant. The problem was that the zipped file (the software didn’t compress the files, it just packaged them together) was about 2.5GBs. Needless to say, our email server was not letting that file out the door and the other users email server was not going to receive that file. It took 20 minutes for everyone to realize email stopped being delivered and another 30 to deal with the file and get everything back to normal. There has to be a better way and there is a product called Attachmore. Attachmore allows you to upload your attachment and receive a link. Simply place that link into an email and send it to the intended party. They can just click the link and download the file. Another cool feature of the program is the possibility of re-using links so there is no need to redo the upload after it is setup in Attachmore. Simple to setup, simple to use and it removes the limitations we need to deal with in email. Pricing is based on monthly transfer limits and it contains no limits to the amount of sub- users or personal download pages. You can choose from 500MB, 2GB, 5GB or 10GB’s per month. Attachmore also provides discounts for annual licensing. You can download a 30 day free trial of the software from their site Attachmore download. Attachmore does require a quick registration, nothing to daunting though: Name, Email, Business Name and Phone number. Attachmore is a great tool to solve perhaps an infrequent but always frustrating IT issue.

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