Microsoft TechEd: Cool new products, boring names

The next SQL Server gets a name (SQL Server 2008); and, as expected, was released for Community Technology Preview (CTP is Microsoft speak for what others would call a beta release) at its TechEd conference in Orlando on June 4. Formerly code-named Katmai, the database is due for release in 2008, hence the clever name. Read more here.

Orcas, the new release of Visual Studio, was also honored with an equally creative name … Visual Studio 2008

Blogger Sean the Nonbeliever reports on these and other new products announced at the conference:

“So we're seeing more and more virtualization technologies in the IT/Infrastructure arena (Virtual Server/VMWare), in development environments (Virtual PC), and in the home environment (as exhibited by Parallels/VMWare Fusion/Rumored virtualization stuff in OSX Leopard).

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