NetFlow Tracker hits triple home run for Cisco VARS and their enterprise Cisco customers

NetFlow Tracker software can collect, store and report info on all network conversations.

Flute Networks NetFlow Tracker Flow Storage
Fluke Networks' NetFlow Tracker allows enterprise Cisco customers to leverage an existing data source within their Cisco network to provide them with valuable, usage-based network data reports. NetFlow Tracker software can collect, store and report info on all network conversations passing through the interfaces of supported routers and switches on enterprise Cisco networks - every single flow, to the per-minute level, all the time -- and without the use of probes.

Steve Tallman
"The NetFlow Tracker product is part of Fluke Networks' Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite of solutions." "We are selectively recruiting additional Cisco solution providers who actively sell Cisco LAN, WAN and datacenter infrastructure solutions every day, to help us market the NetFlow Tracker product and the rest of the EPM portfolio," said Steve Tallman, director of distribution sales for Fluke Networks. "Although no certification or registration is required to sell these products, enhanced support for Cisco solution providers is available through our channel program, the Performance Advantage Partner Program." "Key elements of our partner program include opportunity registration, sales leads, Cisco VAR-specific marketing programs, access to evaluation and demo systems, pre-sales engineering support as well as field sales and engineering support both in-house and on customer opportunities."

Network Overview:

Network Overview
Cisco VARS, if your enterprise Cisco customers have NetFlow-enabled devices - or devices capable of exporting NetFlow or IPFIX, NetFlow Tracker's capability for traffic analysis, troubleshooting and forensic analysis will be of interest to them. Cisco VARS may download a free, no-obligation trial copy of NetFlow Tracker for 7 days. Download free trial Here is a NetFlow Distributor that can help Cisco VARs get started. Interlink Communication Systems - NetFlow Distributor:

Scott Eudy
"Interlink has been involved with the sale and distribution of Fluke Networks Visual UpTime Select application performance management solution for years," said Scott Eudy, vice president of business development at Interlink Communication Systems. "With the recent addition of the rest of Fluke Networks' solutions to our catalog, we see a great opportunity for managers of Cisco networks to dramatically expand their view of the network and take advantage of the impressive capabilities NetFlow Tracker delivers."
Cisco Compatible - NetFlow Tracker
"Fluke Networks' NetFlow Tracker, with its capability for real time monitoring of NetFlow and IPFIX data (not to mention Jflow and NetStream), offers Cisco network managers an easy way to collect and report on the network forensics that are required to keep their network humming along." "Couple this with the comprehensive capabilities of Visual Uptime Select and the other Enterprise Performance Management solutions Fluke Networks offers, we see an outstanding opportunity for Cisco VARs to increase both their revenue and the value they represent to their enterprise Cisco customer base."

NetFlow Tracker Distributor - Interlink Communication Systems
Cisco VARs seeking further information may contact directly: Scott Eudy NetFlow Tracker Distributor Interlink Communication Systems Toll Free: 800-638-8481 International: 727-524-8663 Email Scott Eudy

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