Even Apple doesn't know why time stands still on the iPhone

Regular readers appreciate that here at Buzzblog we never hesitate to put important questions to powerful companies. So it is with this query that is bouncing around a bit Out There:

"Hey, Apple, what's up with this 9:42 on the iPhone thing?"

I first noticed it in a post on Digg yesterday:

In every iPhone ad the time is 9:42. In every iPhone demo it is 9:42. In every iPhone picture on apples site it is 9:42. The iPhone was first announced during the macworld keynote at 9:42. Why 9:42?

And you can see another example of a similarly inquisitive mind here.

Not having a good answer myself, I fell back on my three decades of experience as a journalist and put the question to Apple's public relations department yesterday.

I didn't say asking always works.

This morning a message on my machine from an Apple spokesperson tells me she doesn't know but will "try to find an answer."

Needless to say, if she gets back with an answer you'll be the second to know.

In the meantime, we're left to speculate, or, if you happen to know, educate.

My guesses:

There is no reason. The Apple spokesperson offered that as a possibility, saying, "it might be random."

The time 9:42 could be simply convention: I know that photos pre-dating digital clocks always had their hands posed a certain way for the sake of aesthetics.

Or, and this is my most wild guess, it could be a security measure: If all of the official promotional materials for iPhone carry the time 9:42 then anything with any other time would have to be a fraud.

Feel free to contribute here.

(Update: A witty fellow on Digg offers this possibility: "The actual price will be $942 ….")

(Update 2: Wikipedia has a page devoted to 942 -- and everything else imaginable, of course -- but it doesn't appear to offer any help in solving this mystery. Feel free to scour it for clues, though.)

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