Diggers dig nothing as much as Digg

The internal dynamics of these social-bookmarking communities - Digg, Fark, Reddit and the like - fascinate me. Here's today's example gleaned from nothing more than idle curiosity:

Fully 20 percent of the Top 100 most Dugg stories on Digg over the past 365 days share a common characteristic: They are about Digg.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

(Tuesday update: Diggers have noticed this post ... Digging it.)

Regular Digg readers - among whom I claim membership - are well aware of this insularity, and, of course, it's their community, their preferences, and their votes.

Doesn't make the phenomenon any less interesting, though.

Digg-related blockbusters dominate the very top of the charts, as in six of the Top 15 and 12 of the Top 45.

No. 1 - with more than 40,000 Diggs - is Digg-related ... and quite deservedly so, as it recognizes Digg founder Kevin Rose's decision to stop fighting his readership's determination to distribute a certain 16-digit "secret code." That row made headlines worldwide.

Others - Digg buttons, better Digg buttons, DuggMirror - are less dramatic, and there are duplicates padding the Dugg 20, but there's no mistaking the introspective streak.

And any Digg user who might find this self-absorption off-putting should take heart in the fact that it could be worse - a lot worse: The list could be dominated by quixotic political initiatives such as impeaching the president ... or horror of horrors, those Ron Paul people.

(Tuesday update 2: MIT's "Technology Review" has an interview today with Kevin Rose in which the Digg founder is quoted as saying, "We just built the platform. It's really up to the users to determine what they want to see on the front page." Guess they want to see stories about Digg.)

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