BoA site DOA again?

We're getting reports of more Web site woes for Bank of America … and they're coming from both the East Coast and the West Coast. Such events aren't necessarily newsworthy, and this one may turn out to be short-lived, but it's noted here because BoA has a history of such trouble.

(Update 3 p.m.: Still hearing from people unable to bank online. Last messenger said BoA has posted a notice about the problem on the log-in. page, although I'm not finding it.)

(Update 3:25: Frustrated BoA customers are sharing their tales over at this discussion forum. One was nice enough to post the text of the message BoA has put up on its site:

Temporarily Not Available

We are currently experiencing an Online Banking service interruption. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore your service as quickly as possible.

To access your Banc of America Investment Services accounts directly, you can log in to the Banc of America Investment Services Inc. Online.

Thank you for using Online Banking.

And here's a quote representative of the crowd's angst: "Whew, so glad it's not just me! I'm now getting the 'temporarily unavailable' message too, before I was just getting a regular 'page not found' and it was freaking me out! Hopefully they will have it fixed soon, I need to pay some bills."

Might want to start looking for envelopes and stamps.)

(Update 4:30: BoA spokesperson characterizes the problems as "temporary systems issues" in story by the Charlotte Observer. I'm quite certain that customers will be pleased to learn this is not permanent.)

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