Cisco Networkers Bags are Cheap This Year

So, I'm in the second day at Cisco's Networkers and while things really don't get started till tonight and tomorrow, it seems to me that Cisco had gone a little cheap this year. Take the backpacks for example. Two years ago the backpacks were very nice. In fact, I use that same backpack today to carry my laptop and work stuff (a testament to its quality). Last year's backpacks were nice too, but had a strange design (unless you're a big guy, then they fit nicely). But this year's bags are cheap computer bags. [IMG][/IMG] Probably cost about $3 each from China. Plus, with its flashy red trim, I won't be carrying that to the office. Now this is may be a petty complaint, but I'm paying $3000 for this conference, I expect a nice backpack out of it. I'm an engineer; I like free stuff (T-shirts, gadgets, lunches, etc). All of my friends here agree with me. What do other people at Networkers think? Good? Bad? Stop complaining, you're at Networkers! ;-)

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