Insight on the New Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) and Network Infrastructure Architect Certification

I was honored this week to be invited to the Cisco Network Design Expert (CCDE) and Network Infrastructure Architect beta program (NW filed a report a couple weeks ago about this new certification). This is a private beta program for senior engineers and existing CCIEs to help Cisco develop a new "design focused" expert level certification program. Furthermore, Cisco is contemplating how to create an "architect" certification for the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers. From Cisco's beta team invitation e-mail last week: This will be a collaborative effort with the Cisco CCIE and Network Design Professional community. Not only will it include complex network design principles, theory, and analysis, it will include multi-vendor high availability design and strategic infrastructure architecture concepts. At the highest level, this credential is intended to focus "beyond the network" where network design and architecture are leveraged to help grow an organization's respective business. There was an initial Q&A session with about 50 CCIEs at Networkers this week that gave a quick overview of Cisco's intention. The next hour was spent in discussion with the engineers. Overall, Cisco is making a very strong effort to include the expert certification community to prepare this new certification. It's something they should be commended for. Over the next week I'll post more information about the beta program and notes from the Q&A meeting.

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