What to do with 66,000 business cards

That's the puzzler posed on this post at Mental Floss. And here's what to do with that stack of cards:

Why, build a level three Menger Sponge, of course! What the heck is a Menger Sponge? Glad you asked. It's a three-dimensional fractal cube of sorts, first described by Austrian mathematician Karl Menger in 1926. When, some seventy years later, Dr. Jeannine Mosely found herself confronted with a gargantuan pile of business cards, rendered useless after the company she worked for changed addresses, she knew what she had to do with them: hand-make a real, live Menger Sponge - creating an actual object from something that had previously been merely a mathematical abstraction - a (sorta nerdy) feat of Guinness Book proportions.

The pictures are way cool.

Of course, Mosely didn't invent this art form. We have:

Business card sculptures in a bottle. With these extraordinary examples featuring an airplane, deer, fire engine, and for the sanitation engineer in your life, a garbage truck.

Business card towers, of course.

Mobile of shapes that are sure to sooth.

How-to advice on all of this is available.

And, of course, the business cards themselves can be works of art.

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