Verizon turns another hose on fire flap

At this point I must give them credit for perseverance: Verizon's Eric Rabe, senior vice president of media relations and an apparent graduate of the University of Any Publicity is Good Publicity, has weighed in on the matter of whether there was a minor electrical fire or merely a wall torn asunder at a home on Pine Grove Street in Needham Aug. 8.

No one disputes that a Verizon employee caused whatever damage happened.

You'll have to go to Verizon's PolicyBlog to read Rabe's contribution, but be advised that there are photographs purporting to be from the fire (or non-fire) scene, all manner of drippy apologizing, a fair number of barbs about my attention to accuracy, and careful tiptoeing around the non-journalists -- including a deputy fire chief and the wife of an acquaintance of mine -- who insist that there was a fire, albeit -- as everyone has agreed from the start -- a minor one.

But I must share with you Rabe's opening salvo here: "Well, one certainly hates to fan the flames of Paul McNamara’s efforts to take down Verizon."

Take down Verizon? … Little ol' me? … With my little ol' blog?

The first time I tried to take down Verizon -- after experiencing four major failures of my FiOS TV service in a two-month span -- the company responded by sending flowers to my home (I kid you not).

Now they've got a vice president out with the long knives.

Of course, in his haste to prevent a lone blogger from sinking a multibillion powerhouse (or whatever he was really out to accomplish), Rabe has clearly forgotten The First Rule of Holes: When in one, stop digging.

(Update, Thursday: The Consumerist does a swell job of recapping this whole tempest.)  

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