Sun changes stock symbol to JAVA

Fanboi cadre goes all a-twitter!

This is all it takes to goose the stock?

No change in fundamentals? No new, eagerly-awaited products? New strategy? No. New Alliances? No.

However, let us fall back on past laurels, and use a product that would have changed the world had it not been for our litigious nature, despite the fact that we realized, before the rest of the world, that it was a once-in-a-lifetime game-changer, a technological lottery win, and that we would never be in that catbird seat again. Hense the lawsuits against poor Microsoft.

This is all it takes?

Props, Jonat.

My suggestions to Microsoft:

To get positive effects: change ticker to CASH, reflecting what you throw off (29% net) on every revenue dollar. Conversely, to get the stock to trend downwards, change the ticker to BSOD, which, unfortunately, speaks for itself and all its victims.

EDIT: I was just informed of the fact that JAVA did make an alliance recently, showcased here.

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