Unlocking Linksys IP devices: Can it be done?

Linksys IP devices may be unlockable, reports the Voice over IP blog. The blog is responding to VoIP provider Nuvio's July open letter to Cisco, asking its Linksys division to unlock its devices to help rescue customers of the defunct SunRocket VoIP provider.

But according to Dameon Welch-Abemathy, writing in VoIP blog:

It may not be possible for Linksys to comply with such a request, even if they wanted to. When a Linksys device is locked in the factory to a specific provider, what that means is that certain default settings are burned into non-volatile memory. This means that even if the end user were to somehow reset the device to factory settings, the device would be difficult or, if done properly, impossible for the device to be used with any other service provider.

However, a Cisco Subnet reader signing him or herself as "Nobody important," has provided a link to a thread where some users claimed to have successfully unlocked Sunrocket Linksys devices.

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