Cisco, Trend Micro cozy up, where does that leave IronPort?

Rational Security blog has an interesting analysis of Cisco and Trend Micro extending its three-year-old collaboration to now include Trend Micro's content security features into Cisco routers. Rational Security wonders where in the picture is the content security of Cisco's acquisition IronPort.

Rational Security writes:

It certainly seems that this announcement sees the happy couple holding hands again and leaves me more confused about IronPort in the long term now instead of Trend. I also seem to recall that IronPort utilized Sophos' AV engine...perhaps that will/has changed?

Rational Security recalls that when Cisco announced its acquisition of Iron Port there seemed to be a "wave of panic" regarding Cisco's relationship with Trend Micro. This recent announcement may well calm that panic, but where does that leave IronPort?

Rational Security adds:

I continue to go to shows where the IronPort brand (and booth) is still separate from Cisco's and the IronPort website is still brand discrete (albeit with a "...part of Cisco" graphic) which is a little odd.  I thought IronPort was going to be the leveraged integrated content security play for them?

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