Cisco's opposition to Net neutrality laws could lead to its downfall

FTC Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy
Cisco's Washington D.C. office is pushing hard Cisco's opposition to Network Neutrality Laws, an effort that could lead to its downfall. Cisco is supporting its big carrier customer's anti-competitive lobbying initiatives that oppose Network Neutrality Laws. Obviously, this means that Cisco has "arrived," at least in the eyes of its big carrier customers.

Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell - director of Cisco technology and communications policy in Washington, D.C., is pushing hard for Cisco's opposition to Network Neutrality Laws. Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice weighed in on the matter siding with Cisco and last June, the Federal Trade Commission submitted a 170 page Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy Report that sided with Cisco.

The effects of Cisco siding with its big carrier customers is already being felt by consumers: Comcast Cuts Off Bandwidth Hogs Our Internet Policy Is A Disgrace: Here's The Proof The irony here is that rather than innovate and/or buy new Cisco equipment to handle increased bandwidth usage by consumers, Cisco carrier customer Comcast has chosen not to innovate and/or buy new Cisco equipment (with the full support of Cisco's Washington office mind you). Instead, Comcast chooses to fire consumers who increase its bandwidth usage, saving Comcast from innovating and/or buying new Cisco equipment. The seeds of Cisco's downfall have been sown. Related story: Network World - Cisco and Google enter sumo wrestling match over FCC 700 MHz DTV spectrum auction

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