The next 5 items that Google might buy from NASA

News that the founders of Google have bought themselves and their tricked-out Boeing 767 unique and controversial access to a NASA landing strip mere minutes from company headquarters has me thinking about what else these acquisitive billionaires might buy from our space agency.

Here's my list in what I presume would be ascending order of price:

Real space suits: Even billionaires have a hard time coming up with attention-grabbing Halloween costumes. Trick-or-treating in a real space suit? Take an extra candy bar, Sergey, they're small.

An honest-to-goodness astronaut: Google hasn't exactly been a media darling as of late and nothing generates gushing press attention quite like an astronaut (recent headlines about boozing and mayhem aside).

A space shuttle: "Come work for us and you get to ride on the Google Space Shuttle." There isn't a geek on the planet who'd say no that pitch.

Kennedy Space Center: The company needs a prominent East Coast base of operations ... and New York isn't exactly a Google kind of town. NASA could still use the place, of course, as long as they agreed to schedule launches during lunch hours.

The moon. Why shouldn't Google's founders shoot for the cliché of shooting for stuff? You say the U.S. government, and hence NASA, doesn't actually own the moon? ... Silly you. We didn't actually own Iraq either.

That ought to be enough to have the Google boys reaching for their checkbooks.

(Update: I was joking, but now it looks as though Google really does have designs on the moon.)

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