Cisco tops potential options overhang dilution ranking on Motley Fool

The Motley Fool
According to a recent Motley Fool ranking, Cisco topped Apple, Applied Materials, Intel, Oracle, Symantec and Xilinx in potential options overhang, with a 22.31% potential dilution based on 1.352 billion Cisco options outstanding vs. 6.060 billion Cisco shares outstanding. Motley contends that by mopping up that massive potential dilution to support Cisco's stock price, Cisco stock buybacks do little more than transfer money from Cisco stockholders to Cisco's executive team.
Cisco Option Dilution Chart
The options-related dilution chart above represents the potential Cisco stock buyback needed just to keep the current Cisco stockholder ownership rate level. What are your thoughts on Cisco's massive options overhang?
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