Corporations rushing to Vista – NOT

Joshua Levine of ChangeWave Alliance c onducted a survey of its more than 1600 corporate IT execs. (ChangeWave is a research company owned by Phillips Investment Resources.) Every quarter the organization conducts a survey on IT spending. The major finding was that almost two-thirds of respondents are not planning on spending their bucks on Vista. (Read more.)

"Similar to previous survey findings in April, there is still no great rush in the corporate world to adopt Vista. Most importantly, 62% of respondents said their company has no plans to upgrade to Vista -- one point less than previously."

Moreover, the study shows that somewhat more corporations that will be buying new PCs with XP instead of Vista.

Chart of Vista XP adoption

Despite Microsoft's claims that 60 million copies of Vista have been sold, independent research doesn't show much enthusiasm by corporations or consumers for the new PC OS In August ChangeWave surveyed consumers and found that 61% did upgrade to Vista, but mostly because it came preinstalled on a new computer.

"But when we asked future PC buyers what they'd like to have preinstalled on the computer(s) they planned on buying, Windows XP (43%) still edged out Vista (42%). It's pretty clear from these results that few consumers are dying to have Vista on their computers. But why?

According to our survey, the biggest reason for the slow Vista adoption curve was the negative response from current Vista users. Among the 13% who currently use Vista at home, one-in-three said they were unsatisfied with the product -- up eight points since June."

What would Microsoft have to do to make Vista more appealing? Well, obviously scare tactics about its security issues -- such as the WGA meltdown would have to end. What else?

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