Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell (in the future)

A little birdie told me this today. Well, actually his name is Dmitry. Anyhow, I never thought that I would see the day. I know people have been managing VMware infrastructure with some custom PowerShell scripts. But, to think that there may soon be glorious cmdlets from which I can unleash the hounds of PowerShell automation upon VMware based datacenters. Well, I’m shocked. This is a very development.

So, I employed the use of Google err Microsoft Live and dug up some information:

Sadly, other than the slides from VMware, the announcement, and the several postings on the blog there is no other info or anything that I can download and play with. Darn… Needless to say, this RSS is locked and loaded.

Favorite one-liner from the presentation:Get-VM -Server $vcs| where {$_.State -eq“PoweredOn”} | New-Snapshot -name “Daily Snapshot”-memory

That reminds me, a little out of context, but I should post a PS script that I wrote to take snapshots of guests running on a MS Virtual Server.

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