Steve Jobs, serial finger-flipper?

He's a man who has never minced words ... or gestures

This new poster of Jobs flipping off early iPhone adopters - "Thanks for your $upport" - is obviously a fake inspired by Apple's early price-cut gambit. But that doesn't make it any less funny.

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A photograph of the poster, reportedly taken at the intersection of Powell and Market streets in San Francisco by an Ed Hunsinger, can be seen on flickr.

And some will need to be forgiven if they fail to dismiss the poster's authenticity out of hand. After all, Jobs does have a history of this sort of thing.

There was the famous photo of a youngish Jobs jamming his middle digit skyward and in the direction of the letters IBM on Big Blue's building in downtown Manhattan.

Then there was the time Jobs answered an aggressive questioner with a sly middle-finger salute on a video. You can read the Slashdot account of that episode here, although I've yet to find a working copy of the video.

And, of course, Jobs has been on the receiving end of pointed fingers, as was the case earlier this year when former Apple CFO Fred Anderson waved one of his at Jobs over all the stock-options backdating shenanigans. (Today Jobs wishes he had only gotten the finger ... instead of a subpoena.)

Anyone have any more examples - real ones - of Jobs jabbing the bird at people or competitors? If so, please share.

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