This time it's Verizon evacuating

Would it be callous or cruel to call this turnabout is fair play? Because I'm OK with callous.

Having driven more families out of more homes than Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, Verizon found itself on the hightailing end of an evacuation this morning when 250 of its employees were forced from a call center into its parking lot in Huntsville, Ala.

Unlike this September incident when a Verizon contractor cracked open a gas line, there was no actual gas leak today causing the rotten-egg smell that made some employees nauseous and prompted asthma attacks in others, according to this local press account.

Instead, the wafting fumes were a result of a nearby gas utility burning off excess "odorant," which is routinely added to otherwise odorless natural gas so that people will know that a Verizon contractor is digging nearby.

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