Ultimate Me!

Contrary to the erroneous insinuations of the uninformed about Windows Vista™ Ultimate Extras, the (Windows Vista Ultimate) team was working to deliver those extras to us.

In a post today, Barry Goffe, Director of Marketing for Windows Vista™ Ultimate, informs us of the latest events in the life of Windows Vista Ultimate.

While the awaited 19 MUI language packs are not ready, other items are.

Among the gems, this nugget: Microsoft has teamed with Stardock to bring more DreamScenes to the public. This is a cool, added bone for Windows Vista Ultimate users. Remember, Stardock created DeskScapes, a tool that extends Windows DreamScene by enabling it to run animated wallpapers as .dream files. These files can be looped video or dynamically generated 3D content, and can even change based on a set of triggers.

Mad props to my man, Spencer Scott over at Stardock for them working with Microsoft to make this happen.

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