Who will be the Geek Queen?

Who will be the Geek Queen? In case you didn't read the Who will be the next Geek King? post, I provide a little background here for you. In July 2008 Bill Gates, arguably the greatest Geek King there ever was will step down as leader of Microsoft. His departure from the software world leaves a great void in Geek culture. Who will replace him? We know, most true Geeks would likely be unable to persuade a woman to be Queen but....we think these nominees could handle it:

Diane Greene: We know the idea of a Geek Queen probably bothers some of you but Diane more than qualifies. She is a windsurfer, and has studied naval architecture. She likes sailing and backcountry skiing. Oh yeah, and she runs VMware, the hottest software company around. Geek pedigree? Oh yeah.

Padmasree Warrior: Motorola's executive vice president and chief technology officer, is responsible for the company's $4.1 billion research and development arm and saves time to serve on the boards of Chicago's Joffrey Ballet and Museum of Science and Industry, the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR), the Chicago Mayor's Technology Council, Cornell University Engineering Council and advisory council of Indian Institute of Technology. Not only that she managed a workforce of 25,000 engineers, so if she's not a Geek then she sure has to deal with a lot of them.

Patricia Russo: Time magazine once wrote about the current CEO of Alcatel-Lucent that in addition to golf, chocolate and family, any list of Patricia Russo's favorite things should apparently include stress. Indeed she is under the gun right now to prove Lucent's merger with Alcatel is going to work. But she's also run Eastman Kodak and helped launch Lucent back in the day. Her Geek stripes started to show back in the 1970s when she sold mainframes for IBM.

Miss America Lauren Nelson: Yes I know you might complain about this one but really, she has shown her Geekiness. This summer she toured with Symantec officials to talk up digital security technology with the idea of teaching parents all about Internet security issues and protecting their children. Earlier on the year she took part in a sting operation in New York where she helped investigators with an undercover sex crime operation.

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