Ultimate goodies and DreamScenes

Yesterday, the Microsoft blogosphere was a-gush with happiness because Microsoft released some of the long-promised freebies for those who paid top dollar for Windows Vista Ultimate edition. Microsoft Subnet blogger and Microsoft fan, John Obeto, posted his happy thoughts about it, linked here. If you remember, in July, Microsoft took a beating for offering these folks nada by that time.

The extra goodie was "DreamScenes" ... fancy, high resolution desktop wallpaper. The wallpaper can be a gorgeous photograph or a video. Though attractive, does wallpaper qualify as one of the "high-quality Extras" that Barry Goffe, director of marketing for Windows Vista Ultimate, promised? This while also delaying the release of the Multi User Interface Language Packs, which will allow users of the same PC to change languages per their login - an Extra with obviously useful implications for businesses or multi-language home users.

The istartedsomething blog also notes that the DreamScenes DDL indicates that it was finished on July 19, around the time the lack of Extras was starting to be complained about in the blogosphere. Why the 69-day delay? What reasons have Vista Ultimate users to expect that MUI Language Packs and other goodies will be coming quickly? Not a lot.

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