IPv6 Transition and Operational Reality

It’s been a week or more since I last posted to this blog. A week of pounding away at a long-overdue chapter for a new book to the complete neglect of almost everything else (barely remembered that today is my wife’s birthday, and remembered to get my daughter’s college tuition payment in minutes before the deadline) has left me amenable to taking the lazy way out and stealing someone else’s good work to show you.

So I offer you Randy Bush’s excellent PowerPoint, presented to the IEPG back in July, on IPv6 Transition and Operational Reality. I disagree with a few of his positions about myths, but almost nothing about the state of what still needs to be done. It’s good, thought-provoking reading and maybe a little cold water in the face for us IPv6 enthusiasts.

And if you want to read the NANOG thread on An IPv6 Transition Plan that Randy posted the presentation in, have a look. It’s a good discussion.

Speaking of NANOG, number 41 will be happening the week after next in Albuquerque. You can discuss that thread and that presentation with John Curran and Randy Bush face-to-face, or you can tell me in person how useless my blog is. Or better yet, stop by to learn something: There’s an IPv6 Tutorial on Sunday by my friend Jordi Palet Martinez that you shouldn’t miss, and Philip Smith’s BGP tutorials are always worth the time. And Randy will be doing the above-mentioned presentation on IPv6 Transition and Operational Reality.

There’s even a presentation on the End of the World. Probably shouldn’t miss that one, unless (this being Albuquerque) you want to go in search of chicken enchiladas on flat blue corn tortillas smothered in fresh Hatch green chile and a fried egg on top – food of the gods, and worth missing the end of the world over.

If you make it, look me up and say hello!

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