Where Are YOUR Backups?

From last week's headlines:

HOLLYWOOD - Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola lost 15 years of computer data during a recent burglary at his Argentinean home. Five thieves broke into the Godfather director's Buenos Aires house and made off with a laptop containing the script for his new movie Tetro - due to start shooting in February - writings and family photographs.

Oh, sure, he had a backup -- on an external hard drive, attached to the notebook, and that, too, was stolen. He's offering a reward for the return of the backup -- no questions asked. Where do you keep your backups? If you aren't storing backups off site, then this sad picture could be you. You just need the discipline to perform frequent, scheduled backups and store then remotely. Most of us have trouble doing that. I strongly recommend an online data backup system such as Mozy (personal) or Mozy Pro (business). I have Mozy set to run no more than seven times a day and only when the system has been idled for over five minutes and CPU utilization is under 70% (I have things that run when the screensaver is active, too). I had to retrieve all my data on a Saturday evening -- with Mozy I had it all back and current in less than a hour (complete failure mentioned in earlier post). I've written about Mozy before -- read that post HERE.

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