Not Killer, Not Knockoff

Well, I was going to write about another hot power issue/technology today, but the briefing I had scheduled with the hot Australian company had to be postponed for a week. So, for the moment, seen the Verizon Wireless Voyager, just announced today? It's being touted as an iPhone killer, but what handset isn't these days? The Voyager does look cool, though, with a large external display on a clamshell form factor with a large internal display and a physical keyboard. It also has a memory card slot, so two big complaints about the iPhone are herein addressed. I assume the battery is removable as well, but I'll have to confirm that.

However, this is not, nor is anything else without an Apple logo, anyway, an iPhone killer. Apple is unique in high tech, in that they are not just a manufacturer, marketer, and brand. They are, rather a destination, and many people would simply never consider buying a product competitive with Apple's rendition of same. We've seen this with the Mac, and the iPod, and we'll see it with the iPhone as well. And Apple also won't be standing still; just as we saw with the recent aggressive iPhone price cut, so we'll see a rapid broadening of the iPhone line. And, hopefully, one of the new models will have a removable battery.

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