Microsoft researcher finds link between spam and AIDS

No, you can't catch AIDS by clicking on a contaminated e-mail (though it certainly isn't good for the health of your network). However a Microsoft researcher has discovered a link in the technology used to block spam and the immune system's ability to fight AIDS, according to a story in BusinessWeek. The parallel between spam and biology resonated with Microsoft Researcher David Heckerman, a physician who also holds a PhD in computer science.

"It didn't take him long to realize that his spam-blocking tool could extend far beyond junk e-mail, into the realm of life science. The 50-year-old Heckerman and two colleagues have created their own biology niche at Microsoft, where they build HIV-detecting software. These are research tools to spot infected cells and correlate the viral mutations with the individual's genetic profile … In June, the team released its first batch of tools for free on the Internet."

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