Q & A with network behavior analysis software expert - Adam Powers

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Network World Cisco Flexible NetFlow expert Mike Patterson, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks can be accurately diagnosed
Network World NetFlow or sFlow: which is the open standard?
Network World Cisco’s NetFlow vs. Inmon’s sFlow: Which will prevail?
Network World Developed by Cisco, NetFlow reporting morphs into hyper-competitive industry
Network World Cisco customers have been kept in the dark about the extremely powerful NetFlow-NBAR technology combination
Network World Cisco invention NetFlow appears missing in action as Cisco invests into the network behavior analysis business
Network World Are you taking advantage of NetFlow and IP SLA?
Network World Appealing to CCIEs, hardware vendors copy Cisco's CLI and NetFlow to get into Cisco accounts
Network World NetFlow Tracker hits triple home run for Cisco VARS and their enterprise Cisco customers
Network World Demanding business applications have Cisco and rival HP ProCurve featuring their network behavior analysis strengths

NOTE: Brad Reese on Cisco will feature an upcoming story about the "power" of NetFlow and what Cisco network engineers can do with it.

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