iPhone firmware update, v1.1.1

Imagine this scenario.

After months of being titillated by those hip ads on the telly, fishwraps, subways, hipster rags and glossies, you decide to side with the zeitgeist being postulated by some shills in the mainstream press as the future, and make a decided move: you decide to change your mobile telephony infrastructure to OS X-based computing. Since, it is the system for the ‘rest of us'.

You listen to the sometimes nonsensical statements coming from the piehole of St. Steve about not unlocking the iPhone and installing 3rd-party devices; and discard them immediately, assuming, correctly I might add, that current FCC regulations, and Federal law allows you to unlock any devices you have paid for in full. Id est, any device not subsidized by the cellular telco, as the iPhones you specified, and your company purchased were.

You go ahead and install some sorta important, and maybe critical apps on your iPhones.

Very soon, Apple decides to send out a firmware/software upgrade for your phone.

You push the upgrade to your company’s mobiles, and discover that the upgrade bricked them.

Excuse me?

Now, the CEO is calling your home phone number from a landline in Uromi at 2.46 am!

What do you think he is calling you to say?

Thank you for stranding me here without a mobile.
WTF is going on?
You are fired!
All of the above?

In the DISCO era, the R&B group, Heatwave, wrote the smash hit, Mind-blowin’ Decisions. The first stanza of the song goes, “Mind-blowin’ decisions, causes head-on collisions…

Was choosing Apple a career-ending move? A head-on collision?

Ask the following companies/enterprises: Radius, UMAX, and Power Computing.

They all partnered with Apple to their own detriment.

See, it is NOT enough to have a great or desirable product or technology.

Partnering with the enterprise requires that the measure be ingrained into the very DNA of the company.

Do you think AAPL thinks of you, or your partnership dollars every night? Does Microsoft?

Look at IBM. Despite the fact that they have a veritable army of faceless droids ready to snatch up your customers in a heartbeat, most VARs and I would collaborate with them in a heartbeat rather than Apple.


They understand the enterprise.

Moreover, while they would like to move the revenues in-house, they would rather you stayed loyal to Armonk that go away.

With this move, Apple Computer (or Apple, Inc.) sheds any pretense of having the foggiest clue of serving the enterprise.

Are you ready to make a career-ending, mind-blowin’ decision?

Say hello to Apple, your newest NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME player!

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