10 funniest Microsoft YouTube videos

1. The Microsoft Ophone Absolutely hysterical. Sample one-liners from the video: "This is more than thinking outside the box - we're nowhere near the box." "The phone is a challenge. But you either rise to the challenge or you throw your phone out the window - and I like my window."

2. The Microsoft Surface Parody Warning: The video contains some crass language but it is hilarious. Some samples: "Instead of using one of the devices that you are already using to get directions, why not use a device the size of a small car?" "Remember all that money you spent on iTunes to get your favorite songs? Well get ready to do it again, for your table."

3. The Microsoft zunePhone This funny four-star video doesn't need a lot of explanation. Enjoy!

4. MS Paint by freeloveforum LOL funny video that showcases how exciting mediocrity can be. Here's a sample line from the video. "You literally just double click on the icon and the application opens up - in a matter of minutes!"

5. The Great Microsoft Ipod Parody Microsoft designs the Ipod package. `Hear's' a 'heads-up' on what this parody contains: The Ipod edition is called "Human Ear Professional"

6. Microsoft support call No commentary necessary. Just watch it.

7. David Letterman's Send-off for Bill Gates The real Letterman. The real Gates. Take a look. (Note, Micronet rates this one PG-13 for language.)

8. "Andy Rooney" talks about a Microsoft Zune An excellent parody of Andy Rooney and of the Zune. A sample: "Microsoft doesn't call it beaming, they call it squirting ... Am I squirting with someone? Am I squirting on someone?"

9. Extreme Makeover: Server Room Edition If you are working in an aging environment, watching these guys smash the NT servers could be some good therapy. Sample quotes from the video: "Man, this guy could use an upgrade!" "Phil began his IT career with just one NT Server that we, of course, just destroyed."

10. Office - the video The scene is aimed at Microsoft UK employees and the video features Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant playing their roles from the BBC version of The Office. Warning, you must appreciate British Humor, not get offended by iffy language and have 20 minutes to spare to watch it. But it's worth it.


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