Cisco working on social networking platform based on 'entertainment'

Cisco's Web 2.0 team said it is developing Eos, which it claims would give communities a personalized "social experience around entertainment." 

In a blog, Scott Brown describes Eos as a "software platform that serves as an entertainment operating system enabling consumers to have an interactive, personalized, community-based entertainment experience, WHILE simplifying the administrative experience for content owners in engaging audiences, and distributing and monetizing their content."

Details are even fuzzier than the explanation above, but the blog adds that "having both the distribution and connection (to both the set-top box and home network) becomes strategic in providing that next-generation experience." Yup, we know what Cisco's offerings are in those fields.

According to a report in ZDnet, Cisco has 40 developers in San Francisco working on the white label platform that is expected to launch next year.

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