Microsoft Project open-source alternative hits 100,000 downloads in first month

We wrote about Projity's OpenProj a little less than a month ago. But the latest news is that it already hit the 100K download mark. OpenProj is a free, open-source competitor to Microsoft Project and is a bit unique because it is available not just on Linux, but also Unix, Mac or Windows. It's developers note that while Google, Sun, and IBM have tackled alternatives to Office, Projity stands alone in being an open-source Project alternative also available as a commercial, fully supported SaaS product. The commercial SaaS version is dubbed Project-ON-Demand. (If you know of other examples of open-source Project alternatives, post a reply below.) On the one hand, one advantage of Microsoft Project is that, as a Microsoft product, it has a slew of Microsoft resellers at the ready to customize it or beef it up with third-party products. On the other hand, the customer list of for the young Projity is looking good, and bodes well for its future. Click HERE for a bigger view of the screen shot below.


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