Google Maps for Windows Mobile works real well on wireless

I recenly upgraded my mobile to a HTC Touch Windows Mobile 6 device and seized the opportunity to change from Orange to T-Mobile in the UK at the same time. You can see a video I did about this here. Yesterday I was kinda lost in London trying to find my way to an office via tube and bus and needed to check my bearings. So I downloaded google maps for Windows Mobile using the excellent T-Mobile web and walk GPRS service. Stood at the bus stop, feeling vulnerable in a dodgy area of East London downloading the app and checking where I needed to go. Over GPRS, google maps is a small download taking a minute or so. But it does take an inconvenient amount of time to initially download new map areas. Having said that, I am impatient and demand instant everthing. Over wireless, it is awesome. Google maps also has GPS features built into it, athough the Touch doesn't have a GPS device, the next generation of phones will very shortly have these features out the box. Expanding capabilities of what can be achieved. The great thing is, the Touch is small enough not to be a PDA which means that it fits comfortbly in the hand. I have always found that a PDA as a phone tends to drop out the hand as often as possible and is broken within a matter of weeks. The Touch is better. It has a tactile rubber exterier, without appearing rubberish. Plus it feels like a phone, but with the display of a PDA. Really liking this phone at the moment. Of all the HTC range, this one I think is currently the best from personal experience and the reports I have had both from friends and colleagues of the rest in the range.

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