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Just over a week ago I upgraded my mobile to a new HTC Touch Mobile 6 device. Today is the moment of truth when my number transfers over from Orange onto my new provider, T-Mobile and I'll start hammering it with both incoming and outgoing calls. I have spent the last week setting the phone up, installing mobile applications, configuring direct push for my email, calendar and contacts, downloading new themes to change the appearance and generally playing. So far, I am really happy with this. I'd even go so far as to say that it is my favourite phone yet. So I thought I'd put together a list of the mobile applications that I have installed and make some general comments about it. Out of the box, Mobile 6 devices come with a few handy programmes pre-installed: Office Mobile: Excel, One Note, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word Adobe Reader LE Windows Media Player Internet Explorer And a range of utilities that are really helpful for things like bluetooth, streaming video etc. I have installed the following applications: Gizmo Project - An IM client for AIM, yahoo, MSN and a VOIP client for SIP and asterisk calls Google Maps for Windows Mobile Live Search for Mobile Remote Desktop for Mobile 6 Skype for Mobile plugin by Dale Lane Tinyurl plugin by Dale Lane Online Mobile Apps I use daily: Bloglines Mobile Facebook Mobile Flickr Mobile Google Mobile Twitter Mobile CNN Mobile I have had probaly more phones than most in the last couple of years. Including a couple of Blackberrys and about 6 different Windows Mobile devices. This phone beats all the rest of them for a number of reasons: The Touch is small enough not to be a PDA which means that it fits comfortbly in the hand. I have always found that a PDA as a phone tends to drop out the hand as often as possible and is broken within a matter of weeks. The Touch is better. It has a tactile rubber exterier, without appearing rubberish. Plus it feels like a phone, but with the display of a PDA, has wireless internet access and more importantly, the calls are good quality. Having configured direct push, I now have my email, calendar and contacts synchronised with my Exchange server and Outlook, and for no extra tariff like you get with Blackberry. So I can send emails, make calendar appointments and add contacs while I am out and about, and when I get back to my laptop, everything will already be synchronsied without further action. The one app I am still trying to find is a command prompt for Windows Mobile, so any suggestions, please leave a comment. The Touch menu is pretty handy too. A quick flick of the finger on the screen brigs up a menu that yo can scroll around to get access to the majority of features that you are likely to need regularly - favourite calls, connections, contacts, photos etc. The camera and video looks pretty good, although I do need to play with this more. Having said that, not sure that any phone could beat the new Nokia range in terms of video and photo quality - Carl Zeiss lenses with 5M pixel quality. T-Mobile have a great service for internet hungry mobile users, called Web 'n Walk. I expect to see serious users from teh IT community swaping over to T-Mobile as a result of this. I also heard that T-Mobile have started selling packages in the US with free roaming in Europe. There isn't another provider offering this as far as I am aware. Europe and America are divided by rediculously expensive roaming charges. I'm sure I'll be trying to blag another phone in the next few weeks, I just can't get enough of them. In the mean time, I am very happy with the HTC Touch.

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