New Faces, New Ideas

I’m attending RIPE 55 in Amsterdam this week. While I’ve regularly attended NANOG and APRICOT over the years, this is my first RIPE meeting. And while I always look forward to NANOG and APRICOT as a time to catch up with old friends, I find myself standing off by myself in the hallways here, sipping coffee and scanning the crowds for familiar faces. I’ve said hello to Geoff Huston and Randy Bush; Phil Smith, Jordi Palet Martinez and Dave Meyer are rumored to be around here someplace but I haven’t seen them yet. My pal Kevin Epperson was supposed to be here, but he and his wife had a baby last week (congratulations, Kevin!).

So I’m looking forward to meeting some new people, perhaps making a few new friends, and of course drumming up some consulting business. But more importantly, because RIPE is focused on address policy and management rather than network operations, I’m looking forward to getting some different perspectives than I get from NANOG and APRICOT.

And as always, I’m looking forward to learning.

I’m off to the Newcomer’s meeting now, but over the coming week I hope to pass along to you anything I learn that I think will be of interest to you.


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