Mossberg whacks wireless providers

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal takes the wireless operators over his knee today, and while I personally don't believe in corporal punishment, let's make an exception in this case because it's such a well deserved spanking.

A couple of swats from the column:

Whether you are a consumer, a hardware maker, a software developer or a provider of cool new services, it’s hard to make a move in the American cellphone world without the permission of the companies that own the pipes. While power in other technology sectors flows to consumers and nimble entrepreneurs, in the cellphone arena it remains squarely in the hands of the giant carriers.

That’s why I refer to the big cellphone carriers as the “Soviet ministries.” Like the old bureaucracies of communism, they sit athwart the market, breaking the link between the producers of goods and services and the people who use them.

Bet Mossberg didn't say, "This is going to hurt me more than it'll hurt you," before he started writing.


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