Socialism trumps Democracy in the EU

The EU announces that Microsoft is (at last) in compliance with their 2004 decision.

The IP and money grab worked!

While Microsoft’s compliance is pragmatic, both from a sales standpoint, and most especially from a tax-advantage standpoint (which I feel is the primary reason for the capitulation), I cannot help but get that feeling of being robbed.

However, all is not lost.

In true communist fashion, look for the economies of the EU to produce the software equivalent of that famed human transportation conveyance formerly manufactured in Zwickau, the Trabant.

All European success stories in high technology have always been without government interference; witness Nokia, ARM, etc.

Hopefully, the inhabitants of the executive suite at Microsoft stops thinking like 800-lb gorillas they are incorrectly glossed with. And start thinking like 10,000-lb elephants. And never forget.

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