Turbolinux joins The Continuum

It is always refreshing when companies send the zealots on their dev teams to the back of the room, and allow the business-minded execs to do what they are paid to do: provide solutions that benefit the company instead of some yob’s religious zealotry.

Turbolinux’s decision to enter into an agreement with Microsoft is one of those pragmatic decisions.

For which their customers will undoubtedly enjoy the soon to be seamless interoperability between products form them and Microsoft. Not to talk about the cheaper and undoubtedly more superior customer service they (Turbolinux customers) are about to commence enjoying from the Microsoft side of the equation.

Welcome. Kaa’boh. Obo-shan. Ginki. Buenos.

Does your Linux distro offer you the same protections? If they do not, you might want to reconsider your relationship with them with a view to moving your operations to a distro that provides the protection delivered by a pact with Microsoft.

Not that I am keeping score, but the following offer IP Protected Linux distros: JBoss, XenSource, Zend, Novell, Fuji Xerox, Samsung, Xandros, LG Electronics, Linspire,

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