Trouble in ODF City!

Are you surprised?

Personally, I am shocked it took so long.

In my post here, I mentioned the fact that there were very perceptible differences between the two ODF-based desktop productivity suites I tested, Sun’s StarOffice, and IBM’s Lotus Symphony. In fact, I stated that”

"Looking at two distinct programs working off the same codebase supposedly, and getting the diametrically opposed user experiences from both, I cannot help but remember that phrase Alex Wolfe used when describing the myriad number of versions of Linux: Linux is a forking mess!

Will the ODF format fall prey to this when it dawns on backers that OOXML and Microsoft won’t be going anywhere? Let the infighting begin."

That nutshells the problem that is wrong with the ODF faction today.

It is safe to assume that there would never be a single universal translator (converter) for all document formats. What is required is for each format to be documented thoroughly in order to allow for both vendor and third party translators.

However, these people want there to be only one format. Not possible.

The world can always absorb multiple formats, not a multitude of them. And, believe it or not, can live with multiple formats!

Phones: GSM, CDMA, etc.,: NTSC, PAL, SECAM,: 110-volts, 220-volts,: Dish Network, DirectTv : Sirius, XM Radio: AM, FM : Metric, SAE


Electric power

Satellite TV

Satellite Radio

Terrestrial Radio


In every instance, the duopoly worked.

If we go the way these ODF or CDF or whatever the flava o’ the month is backers want, it would be analogous to all cars using just one type of tire. Going racing? Pirelli P-Zero. Want to go off-road? Pirelli P-Zero. Truck tires? Pirelli P-Zero.

My question to them: what ever happened to best of breed?

Even if Microsoft capitulated, what is next? Who is next?


Does all development on formats for desktop productivity applications stop?

Let the (free) markets speak, as they are doing all over the world.

Why would you want to bet your enterprise on a group that can’t seem to fly straight?

Seemingly thinking that they have vanquished Microsoft, the protagonists have turned to protecting their very own agendas, to the detriment of the multitude converted to that religion.

If this things forks into two, whatcha gonna do?

While I’m happy, I bet there is no joy in ODFville tonight.

New buzzword: CDF. Whatever it means

The new flava.

Too funny.

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