Ubuntu and the Boston Celtics

UPDATE: Celtics injuries? Kobe Bryant’s shooting? Nah, tech’s the real story at NBA Finals

OK, this isn't strictly a network research tidbit, but it did catch my eye. Like much of Boston, I'm fired up for the start of the Boston Celtics basketball season tonight, as the team has retooled in a big way after years of languishing (with a couple of exceptions) since the Larry Bird era. Anyway, got this email today from the Celts informing me about the following:

"Ubuntu!": Team chemistry has been a major theme in training camp, with the Celtics packing up for a European tour and spending plenty of quality time with each other in Rome and London. And the team adopted the African term "Ubuntu" (which roughly translates to "I am because we are") as a rallying cry for team unity. Doc Rivers had his rookies make a presentation to the team about the term before they left for Europe, and the message apparently stuck. The team closes all huddles with the phrase...."

And there I was, thinking Ubuntu was just a flavor of Linux.

Guess we'll have to run this by Celtics IT whiz Jay Wessel sometime this season.

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