Oracle horns in on virtualization

So, Oracle is at it again – increasing pressure on other industry players with like technology of its own. Last year, it took aim at Red Hat with cheaper Linux support. This time around, the database giant wants to horn in on VMware’s action. The company took the wraps off a Xen-based hypervisor, called Oracle VM, that provisions virtual servers, manages virtual environments and moves applications from one server to another while the program remains running. Like other software vendors offering or working on virtualization hypervisors, Oracle is looking to diminish its software’s reliance on the underlying operating system. Chuck Rozwat, an Oracle EVP, put it in a nutshell: “With Oracle VM, users keep doing what they’re doing, whether they are running a database or running an application, they don’t see any change at all. Their job just moves from one machine to another.” This hypervisor will run with Oracle and non-Oracle apps, and with Linux or Windows systems. Read the story Get more on virtualization trends

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