What About a Volume III?

Yep, I’m still around. November has been hectic in the extreme, and this blog has suffered from my preoccupation with other matters. For those of you who check it regularly, I apologize and I thank you for your patience.

When Cisco Press approached me in 1996 or so about writing a book, they were a pretty new operation and they left it to me to choose the topic. So I chose the plum, “Routing TCP/IP,” which originally was supposed to be one volume. Halfway through the project my editor and I both realized we couldn’t squeeze everything I wanted to cover in a single book so it evolved into two volumes.

And those two volumes have been a cornerstone of my career.

To this day, and no matter what country I’m in, I encounter people who tell me how much those two books have helped them in their careers or in gaining their CCIEs. Engineers will even bring their copy of the book to meetings or to events at which I’m speaking, and ask me to sign it. I’m always delighted to do so, and endlessly pleased that so many people find my books useful – although my kids find it hilarious that anyone would want my autograph on anything.

Given the success of these two volumes I had a conversation last year with Brett Bartow, the Executive Editor at Cisco Press, about doing a Volume III. Brett is interested in the concept, but not in my idea for a topic: I wanted to do the volume on MPLS. To me that’s the logical next step in the series and a topic I particularly enjoy. But Brett tells me it wouldn’t sell; the market is saturated with MPLS books. A quick scan of just the Cisco Press titles, and I reluctantly must agree with him.

So I thought I would open the question up to you: What topic or topics would you like to see in a “Routing TCP/IP, Volume III”? Post your suggestions as a response to this blog or e-mail to me privately.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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