Deadwood from Motorola - Padmasree Warrior, fills vacant CTO role at Cisco last held by Charlie Giancarlo

Padmasree Warrior and President George W. Bush
Motorola deadwood - Padmasree Warrior - the former Motorola chief technology officer has been appointed to the vacant CTO role at Cisco last held by Charlie Giancarlo. The Cisco CTO position had languished for more than 2 years, ever since Giancarlo was promoted to Cisco chief development officer in July, 2005. Warrior blogged on Cisco's website today:
It is an exciting time to join Cisco. Cisco is the company whose leadership legacy defines "The Network" in many ways. Today, it is a company driving many new paradigms in communications and information technology. In the future, it will be a company poised to lead the industry to the next phase of Internet evolution. What are some of the characteristics of solutions driving the next wave of Internet evolution? We already see many precursors for this such as, Collaboration, Web 2.0, and Always-on Demand. Cisco has been at the forefront of this shift, where the network becomes the platform to deliver the next wave of applications and services. Throughout its history, Cisco has demonstrated the ability to anticipate changes with a proven record of accomplishments for capturing market transitions. The company’s customer centric culture, unwavering commitment to technology, and passion for innovation, mark the platform for leadership. Leveraging the reality of globalization, integrating outside and inside ideation through well-executed acquisitions, a relentless focus on financials and flawless delivery of results, delineate Cisco’s platform for talent. I am eager to bring to Cisco my technical expertise, over 20 years of experience in many aspects of the communications industry, a global bent of mind and an energizing leadership style. As we get to know each other, you will also see me as a tireless champion for innovation and inclusion. I enjoy envisioning and creating the future, and leveraging technology leadership for business growth. Expertise, experience, energy - these exemplify my platform for achievement. This Platform Paradigm draws me to Cisco. As I begin my journey here, I look forward to working with the talented and well-respected team at Cisco. I am eager to tackle the challenges in the continued development and implementation of Cisco’s vision and technology strategy. Together, we will explore and engage in new technology directions and business growth. However, I will begin by listening...your comments, please.

Personally, am quite alarmed by Warrior's appointment. Why? Because I believe Cisco has made a major mistake in hiring Warrior.

Comments made to: Warrior's Own Cisco Blog Entry Posted by Chandru on December 5, 2007 08:58 PM I don't know Padmasree at all. As an outsider, i'm really curious why she is quitting Motorola at a moment when it appears to need her technology leadership really bad. Moto has no major success since Razr (& its variants), its market share is declining, employees are being laid off, cost-cutting measures, etc. I would expect her to show strong leadership in these times rather than jump the boat.
Posted by Chandra Pillai on December 5, 2007 09:41 PM Hi Ms Warrior, I am an outsider.. But I was part of the Moto projects and later with CISCO CVP projects through their partners some times back, so to some extent i knew about both the world Nice to know about your new role.. To some extend i am reflecting some of those points raised by another "Chandru".. In addition, i understand we are all sharing the vision of unified communication. or mobility ( whether the devices will need the capability with associated applications) or the platform ( mean seamless and ubiquitous)..Knowing well from CISCO's point of view, it is the platform or SDP and not the end devices alone (if those devices will become IP entities)to offer those facilities.. Considering the growth of Web 2.0 and social networking (Relevance, preference and on time) based products and services, communication channels are getting converged as a single or common pipe.. But i was wondering as why as a CTO of Motorola the same was not strategized by you ( or we may not aware of your efforts). Even in the IMS paradigm the control plan is the one which is managing all the unified need of the end device?? So why Motorola was not ready to redefine itself with that focus and turnaround its energy towards that direction..As a CTO why it was not carried out by you during your role.. Anyway.. Congratulations Re Chandra Pillai

Most Recent 2 Year Cisco vs. Motorola Stock Price Comparison

Most Recent 2 Year Cisco vs. Motorola Stock Price Comparison
Warrior was appointed Motorola CTO in 2003. It has been during Warrior's watch that the Apple iPhone has kicked Motorola's butt. 4 months after he was appointed Cisco CTO, Charlie Giancarlo proudly declared in Network World: "We won't be commoditized" Yet, Padmasree Warrior definitely commoditized Motorola's iconic RAZR. Wireless carriers subsidize the the cost of the Motorola RAZR v3 by as much as 100% to lure subscribers. The financial results of Warrior's commoditization of Motorola products? For the first 9 months ending September 29th 2007, Motorola sales declined more than $4 billion (13%), while simultaneously Motorola operating earnings collapsed by $3.8 billion to a loss of $534 million. Why on earth would John Chambers hire as Cisco CTO an individual who has been so badly beaten by Apple and Steve Jobs?

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